Discover Ewe

Ewe, also written as Evhe, or Eʋe is spoken by over 5 million members of the Ewe tribe in Ghana’s Volta region as well as Togo and Benin. It is a Gbe language and part of the Niger-Congo language family of languages.

Main Communities

Keta (Ghana) and Lome (Togo)

Common Ewe names:

• Senanu
• Kekeli
• Dzifa
• Emefa

Staple Food

Agbeli Kaklo - also known as cassava balls, is a popular comfort food from the Ewe tribe in Ghana and Togo. The snack is made from grated cassava and has crunchy texture. Agbeli Kaklo is usually eaten with coconut and can be served hot or cold. It is a good source of fiber and carbohydrates.

Culture and Traditions

Agbadza Dance

Once a war dance, Agbadza is now performed
at funerals, weddings, and other traditional celebrations. The dance
has five segments: Banyinyi (a brief prayer), Vutsortsor (the main dance) Adzo
(focus on the master drum) Hatsatsa (focus on historical songs) and a longer Vutsortsor.
A number of instruments are used during the Agbadza dance from drums and bells
to human hand clapping.


Farming is
a main Ewe occupation. Along the coastal regions, sea fishing is an important
job. The Ewes are also well know for farming staple foods such as corn (maize),
yam. They also specialize in artisan jobs such as pottery and weaving.  

Notable figures:

Virgil Abloh – Fashion Designer. He was an artistic director for Louis Vuitton and the first African to hold that role at a world a renowned French luxury brand. Abloh also played a major role in Kanye West’s creative agency - Donda, West's creative agency in 2010. Abloh was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Jerry John Rawlings – President. He served two terms as the democratically elected president of Ghana. Prior to that, he had an extensive career in the military. Rawlings founded Ghana’s National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Bella Bellow – Musician.
She represented her country (Togo) in a number of international musical festivals including Athens and Rio de Janeiro. Bellow was the first Togolese singer to perform at the Olympia venue in Paris. She is sited as an inspiration to grammy award winner Angélique Kidjo who covered one of her songs Bléwu.